Our film and TV industry, like the audience it serves, is staying safe at home during this global crisis through productions that were ready before March 2020, as well as catalogues rich with both recent films and series and classics beloved for generations.

The COVID-19 crisis has, however, created an unprecedented challenge for those producing and making films and TV programmes : shootings were stopped, cinematic distribution of films was frozen. Operations are just resuming.

In addition to navigating the immediate crisis, FIAPF is keeping an eye on the future: at stake is our ability to bring our audiences new stories from the world’s five continents when the crisis passes.

FIAPF supports a sustainable future for the film and TV production sector, its workers, and its creative and business partners. Our sector has a strong track record of contributing to jobs and growth, and we are eager for that to resume. We therefore support policy solutions designed to benefit both the audiences who enjoy our films and TV programmes and the wider economy.